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Born and raised in Venice, California, an avid surfer, a natural healer and advocate for healthy living, Dr. Greg's mission is to create products to help people feel better and live with less physical pain.. and to ultimately discover their Quest for Wellness.


Dr. Greg's typical day involves helping dozens of his patients recover from aches, pains and correct their alignment.  At least half of these problems correlate to the incorrect sleeping position, which is lying face down.  Realizing there is no product available to encourage sleep in the proper ergonomic position, The Sleep Strap was born!

The Sleep Strap retails for $24.99, plus shipping and handling.


If you are unsure about your size, please get a tape measure and measure the width of your sternum around your body- the area just below the breastbone.


XSmall: 22"-29"

Small-Medium: 30"-37"

Large-XLarge: 38"-48"

Watch Our Informative Video


Here is a video which explains how The Sleep Strap works and how it can help you correct the way you sleep.

Watch Dr. Greg on CBS News talk about the different sleep positions and how you can correct them.

Watch Dr. Greg on Home and Family explaining what The Sleep Strap helps correct and why it's so important.

Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  How do I wear The Sleep Strap?

A: You place The Sleep Strap around your chest area, just below the breast line (sternum). The ball should be in the center of your chest. Adjust the strap using the velcro so it fits snugly. Make sure you are comfortable breathing and it is secure when you lie down.



Q: Are there any contraindications for wearing The Sleep Strap?

A: You would not want to wear the Strap over a rash or over any area where the skin has disruption or inflammation. For example; any recent surgeries, abrasions or lesions on the skin in the area in which the Strap will be worn. Please wait until that area has fully healed. If you are unsure, please consult your physician before wearing The Sleep Strap. Any blood born illnesses or if you are on blood thinners and bruise easily, you should consult your physician first. Bruising is very rare, but in these cases, it may occur.



Q: Will the ball bruise or hurt me in any way (if I do not have a medical condition)?

A: The pressure of the ball may cause some temporary discomfort that should resolve over a short amount of time. Remember, the purpose of the ball is so that you feel the mild discomfort and you roll away from the negative sleeping position. The ball should not cause any bruising or harm; however, if you feel that this is the case, discontinue wearing The Sleep Strap and return for a full refund.



Q: Can I place The Sleep Strap in other areas on my body and still be effective?

A: No, for maximum benefits and safety reasons, The Sleep Strap should only be worn around the center of your chest, under your sternum (never wear The Sleep Strap above the shoulders near your neck).



Q: I really hate sleeping on my side, and want to train my brain to sleep on my back. Can I move the ball to my right or left to prevent sleeping on one side?

A: Some users have moved the ball to the side they don’t want to sleep on and it is effective. However, it is not recommended as the ribs on the sides of the body are more sensitive than the sternum.



Q: The ball feels too soft or too hard. Can I interchange the ball?

A: There is a velcro tab and a hood over the ball so if you wish, you may interchange the ball; however, we are not liable for the efficacy of the product once it has been altered.



Q: How long will it be until I have retrained my brain to not sleep on my stomach?

A: Each individual has a different set of patterns. Some people have been sleeping on their stomach since they were children and others may have started as adults. We do know it typically takes at least 30 days of consistency to change a pattern. In other words, wearing The Sleep Strap every night for at least one month will be a good start. In order to reinforce these new sleep positions, we recommend you wear at least once a week thereafter. This will continue to reinforce the brain and body sleep patterns in the correct, ergonomic position.









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